Azure Classroom Series – 05/May/2020

Azure SQL Database

  1. Azure Cognitive Search (Azure Search):
    • Search as a Service solution for applications to search the data using the Azure Cognitive which provides Standard or AI-enriched Indexes for your application Preview Preview
  2. Intelligent Performance:
    • Set of tools provided by Azure to monitor or help in tuning the DB Performance Preview
    • Query Performance Insights provide the information about the following with necessary information to tune the performace
      • Resource Consuming
      • Long Running
      • Custom Queries Preview
    • SQL Server/SQL Database, Azure also provides Automatic Tuning: Preview
    • mysql options: Preview
    • Postgres Options Preview
  3. Replication Options
  4. Dynamic Data Masks: Preview Preview Preview
  5. Power Platform Support is added to SQL Database Preview

SQL Server Managed Instance

  • This option creates a SQL Server which is exactly like the SQL Server on-premise.
  • SQL Server Managed Instance will be created in the Virtual Network Preview
  • During DB Migration, we initally create sql Managed Instances and then try to use sql Databases Preview Preview Preview

Next Topics

  • No SQL
  • Cache
  • Data Warehouses

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