DevOps Classroom series – 05/May/2020

A Short tale of a Software Product Development

  • Teams: Preview Preview
  • Application Architecture: Preview
  • Delivery Time: 1 year
  • Approach:
    1. Plan:
      • Since we are not geographically nearby, and we know requirements, lets work in isolation
      • Timeline: lets combine our work after 3 months and all of us lets follow the specifications,
      • Collaboration:
        • Lets use Git, and Create 4 branches
          • Mobile_REL_1
          • Web_REL_1
          • API_REL_1
          • DB_REL_1
      • Chances of this approach to work is very much less, because we are doing big bang integration
        • 3 teams are working on their own for 3 months
        • After 3 months when they merge the code to common branch to build the complete application,it will be error prone.
        • There will be lot of bugs and we will make fixes (mostly workarounds) to make application work. This lead to non Quality Product.
    2. Better Plan:
      • Problem in earlier approach: Integrating the work of multiple teams after 3 months and we see surprises
      • Solution: Do this integration daily and let things fail in the begining itself and let our leads be aware about it
      • This is basically referred as Continuous Integration
      • Our plan is to execute the tests by Richards team automatically every day to give a quality report (Selenium, RPA, Postman)
      • Get the Quality Report Everyday Preview
      • Problem with above approach:
        • What will happen if some one from RAM’s team has submitted a wrong commit which caused all of the failures, In these cases, we have to 1 more day
        • Let Developers run the tests locally and ensure they are doing the right commit or enforce.
        • We use day builds and night builds Preview Preview
    3. So which Software to be used to Do this CI/CD Activity
      • OPtion-1: Jenkins
      • Option-2: Azure DevOps (VSTS)

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