DevOps Classroomnotes 15/Feb/2023

Version Control Systems

  • This is a software which helps organizations to maintain the source code.
  • VCS helps in maintaining history of changes
  • VCS allows us to maintain track of different releases which we give to customers
  • VCS allows parallel development by multiple developers
  • Short history of Git Refer Here

Types of VCS

  • Local Version Control Systems
  • Centralized Version Control Systems
  • Distributed Version Control Systems


  • Git is a Distributed Version Control System
  • While using we have two options for Remote Repositories
    • Self-Hosted:
      • Host it on your own
      • Options:
        • Gitolite
        • Git lab Selfhosted
    • Cloud-Hosted:
      • Hosted by some service provider.
      • Options:
        • GitHub
        • GitLab
        • Azure Source Repos
        • AWS Code Commit
        • Bit Bucket

Git Workflow => Areas of Git



  • Cheatsheets for git:

  • Software installations: Refer Here for video to install softwares on Windows
  • Mac:
    • Install homebrew Refer Here
    • Git: brew install git
    • Visual Studio Code brew install --cask visual-studio-code Refer Here

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