AWS Classroom Series – 09/Apr/2020

States of EC2 Machine

  • Running: VM is up
  • Stopped: VM is down. When VM is shutdown compute resources are not allocated, public ip address is deallocated. Storage and private ip will still remain to be allocated
  • Terminated: VM is removed.

Preview of Stopped Instance



Preview of Running Instance



Instance Types

  • There are many instance types in AWS, So they are grouped into instance families

  • Instance Families are

    • General Purpose:

      • CPU to RAM Ratio is Balanced
      • Workloads:
        • Web Servers
        • Dev and Test Environments
    • Compute Optimized:

      • High CPU to RAM Ratio.
      • Workloads:
        • Media servers
        • Scientific MOdeling
        • Machine Learning and other compute intensive
    • Memory Optimized:

      • High RAM to CPU Ratio
      • Workloads:
        • In Memory Databases
        • Cache Servers
        • Hadoop Clusters
    • Storage Optimized:

      • Designed to support high sequential read and write access to data on local storage (disks)
      • Workloads:
        • Data Warehousing
        • Map Reduce and Hadoop
        • OLTP
        • Databases
    • Accelarated Computing:

      • Designed with GPU or FPGA for enabling parallelism
      • Workloads:
        • Gaming
        • Scientific MOdelling
        • 3-D Application Stream
        • Graphics
  • For each instance family there are hardware instance Types and then sizes that come into play Refer Here

  • Instance type naming convention <instancetype><generation>.<size>

  • Examples:

    • t2.micro
    • c4.large
  • Hardware specs

  • Sizes in Amazon generally have a scaling factor

    • micro
    • small
    • large
    • 2xlarge
    • 4xlarge
  • Along with these instances there are two instance types

    • Burstable Instances
    • Nitro Instances

Pricing Calculator

  • Old Pricing Calculator
  • New Pricing Calculator
  • Exercise: Create an estimate for exectuting an application with 3 servers two linux and one windows server
    • Linux Server will be using more RAM
    • Windows Server should be quick with Storage

Instance Purchasing Options

  • On-demand
  • Reserved
  • Scheduled
  • Spot
  • Dedicated

Can i Change instance types of machine which has been created?

  • Yes, But you need to stop your machine. Preview

  • For the machine which is running the option to change size will be disabled Preview

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