Azure Classroomnotes 23/Sep/2023

Types of NoSQL Databases

  • Refer Here for database types & also Refer Here
  • Document Databases: Data gets stored in the form of json documents
  • Key Value Store: This is a highly available key value store databases
  • Column Oriented databases: Refer Here for column oriented
  • Graph Databases: Gremlin, neo4j etc

Azure implementation

  • Azure has cosmos db which is a multi model database for NoSQL
  • While create Azure Cosmos Account it will ask for the model
  • Lets create a mongo db
  • Wait till the account is created
  • For features refer class room video
  • Azure Cache for Redis: Refer Here for a sample in python using redis cache

    • Redis OSS (Basic, Standara, Premium)
    • Redis Enterprise (Enterprise)

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