Azure Classroom Series – 06/Nov/2019

Virtual Machine Considerations

Virtual Machine (Non Azure)


Azure Virtual Machines


Azure Virtual Machine States

  • Running:

    • Azure Resources are allocated
    • Billing:
      • On
  • Stopped

    • Azure Resources are still allocated
    • Billing
      • On
  • De allocated

    • Azure Resources are not allocated
    • Billing
      • Off


Azure Virtual Machine dependency of Other Azure Services

  • VNET: Virtual Network
  • Network Security Group which is much like a Firewall around Azure VM
  • Network Interface Card (NIC): Connects Azure VM to Network (Subnet)
  • Storage:
    • Azure Managed Disk
    • Storage Account
    • Temporary Disk
  • Logs:
    • Enable/Disable Logs
    • Where to Store Logs

Azure Virtual Machine Creational Options

  • Size
  • VM Image
  • Network Security Group
  • Network (VNET)
  • Storage
  • Extensions: Add on features to Virtual Machines
  • Cloud-init: Scripts that can be executed when VMS are created

Creating a Linux Virtual Machine


Resizing/Vertical Scaling

  • Machine sizes can be changed (increase and decrease the sizes)
  • This operation does the machine restart which is a downtime for your applications.

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