Azure Classroom Series – 05/Nov/2019

Azure Virtual Machines

Terms of Cloud

  • Service: Anything which microsoft Azure Offers
  • Resource: Any thing you create in Azure
  • Resource Group: Collection of Resources. It is mandatory that every resource has to be part of some Resource Group.
  • Location/Region: Azure Locations where you can create resources

Create a Azure Windows Virtual Machine.

  • Free Tier Plan: 750 hours of Windows Virtual Machine of Size B1S (1GB RAM and 1 VCpu)
  • Refer Here

How Azure Works


  • Hypervisor helps in creating VMs on Physical Infrastructure. Preview


  • Azure takes the Hypervisor technology to a large scale Datacenters
  • For each Rack Azure adds a Fabric Controller.
  • Azure has orchestrator and it is exposed via APIs
  • Every request made on portal/cli/sdk reaches orchestrator.
  • Then Orchestrator finds the right rack and forwards the request to fabric controller.
  • Fabric Controller follows the orders from Orchestrator and creates necessary resources. Preview

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