Azure Classroom Series – 13/Dec/2019

Azure Monitor Terms

  • Metric: Any measurable unit of the infrastructure/Application
  • TimePeriod: When is metric reported?
  • Unit: Bytes/Second or Perctange or Percentile
  • Graph: Line/Bar/Area/Grid (Number)
  • Action Group:

For Free Trail Users

  • Microsoft.Insights is not Registered.
  • To Register Navigate to All Services => Subscriptions and select
  • Double click your free trail subscriptions and select the Resource Provider Blade.
  • Search for Microsoft.Insights and Register.

Exercise -1: Create an Alert whenever Percentage CPU > 80 for over 5 minutes for Linux VM

  • Navigate to the Azure VM and click on the Alerts
  • Create a new Alert rule and specify the above details

Exercise -2 : Create an Alert whenever Percentage CPU < 40 for over 1 hour for Linux and Windows Instance

Exercise -3: Create an Alert whenever DataSpaceUsedPercentage > 85 for SQL Server

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