DevOps Classroom Series – 13/Dec/2019

Git History

  • Every Change moved from staging Area to Local Repo is called as COMMIT.
  • Every Commit has an ID
  • using GIT you can move to any commit in history.
  • Lets Define HEAD. HEAD is pointer which points to commit id working tree is looking at. Preview
  • Lets try to move the HEAD to Third commit. For that you need commit id. Commit id which can be used are long and short
git log
git log --oneline


  • Now Lets move the HEAD to Third Commit
git checkout 7907137
  • Now to move the HEAD back to latest commit
git checkout master

Revert the modified changes in the Working Tree

  • Make changes to 6.txt and add some content.
  • To revert the changes from the working tree on this file
git checkout -- 6.txt

Git Branches

  • The default branch of git is master
  • Now lets try to create some branches.
mkdir ecommerceapp
cd ecommerceapp
git init
  • Now lets create basic folder structure
mkdir src
mkdir test
mkdir docs
touch src/
touch test/
touch docs/
  • Now commit these changes
git add -A
git commit -m "Initial Folder Structure Created"
  • Now this ecommerce application development is agile, We need create the branches for sprints. For now we need to create a branch called as sprint-1
git branch sprint-1
git branch 
git checkout sprint-1
  • To create a branch called sprint-1 and move the head to sprint-1
git checkout -b sprint-1
  • Sprint-1 Developement has made some commits
echo "Sprint 1 Started" >> src/
git add .
git commit -m " Feature 1 completed"

echo "Sprint 1 Started Testing" >> test/
git add .
git commit -m "Feature 2 completed"

git log
  • Now checkout to master branch and then back to sprint-1
git checkout master
git checkout sprint-1


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