AWS Classroom Series – 13/Dec/2019

Ec2 Actions

Exercise-1 Create a Cloud Watch Alarm to Stop Ec2 Machine when CPU Utilization < 5

  • Create an Ec2 Instance
  • Create an alarm for CPU Utilization < 5 for 5 minutes
  • Add an EC2 action to stop(shutdown) the Ec2 instance
  • Wait till the alarm is raised and observe ec2. Ec2 instance should be stopped

Exercise-2 Create a Cloud Watch Alarm which reboots the EC2 instance when CPU Utilization = 100 for 5 minutes

  • Create an Ubuntu Ec2 Instance.
  • SSH into Ubuntu Instance and execute the following commands
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install stress -y
stress --cpu 8 --timeout 100m -v
  • Create an alarm with above spec to reboot ec2 instance

Exercise-3: Create a Cloud Watch Alarm which terminates the EC2 instance when CPU Utilizations is < 20 for 120 minutes

Simple Notification Service

  • Email Notifications using SNS
  • Create SNS Topic
  • Each Topic has subscriptions. Create an Email Subscription.
  • Confirm the Subscription.
  • For all the above exercise send the notification to topic.


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