AWS Classroom Series 12/Dec/2019

Cloudwatch Terms

  • Metric: Any measurable unit of the Infrastructure/Application/Platform. Eg CPU Utilization, Disk Read Bytes, Network Packets Out

  • Unit: measurement unit generally something like Bytes/Sec, Percentages

  • TimePeriod: Duration of the metric

  • Aggregations: Min, Max, Sum, Count, Average, Percentile

  • Alarm: Is state when something measurable is wrong.

    • When CPU Utilzation is > 85% for 10 mins
    • When free disk space < 1GB
    • When Network Packets IN == 0 for 10 mins
  • Alarm States:

    • Alarm: When the Alarm condition is met for eg CPU Utilization is > 85% for over 10 mins
    • OK: When Alarm condition is not met for eg CPU Utilization is == 74% for over 10 mins
    • Insufficient: Cloudwatch doesnot have data of timeperiod. eg Instance has been create 2 mins ago. Data is not sufficent to recognize the alarm or ok state.

Basic Cloudwatch Alarming

  • Workflow Preview

  • Alarms can do the following action when state is ALarm

    • Send Notifications using SNS
    • EC2 AutoScaling Action
    • EC2 Actions Preview

AWS CloudWatch Overview


note: From official AWS docs

Next Steps

  • Cloudwatch and EC2
  • Cloudwatch and RDS
  • Cloudwatch and ELB
  • Other Service Integrations

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