Azure Classroomnotes 29/Mar/2022

Integrating on-premises network with an Azure Virtual Network

  • Before understanding how to do this in Azure Lets look at site-to-site vpn connection in general
  • Basic Site to VPN
  • If we want to create a Site-to-Site VPN Connection between the on-premises and Azure VNet, we need to create Local and Virtual Network Gateways.
  • Each Virtual Network can have only once virtual network Gateways. But One virtual network gateway can be used to configure multiple VPN Connections
  • Lets create a vnet in Azure with cidr range of
  • The local network gateway is a specific object that represent the on-premises location (the site) for routing purposes.
  • We generally specify the ip address of the on-premise VPN device to which you will create a connection. We can also specify ip address prefixes located on-premises.
  • The Virtual Network Gateway uses specific subnet called as gateway subnet.
  • The gateway subnet is part of the virtual network ip address range of vnet. It is recommended to create a gateway subnet that uses /27 or /28
  • The activity which we would be doing will be around

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