Azure Classroom Series – 07/Nov/2020

Application Security groups

  • Scenario & Resolution: Preview
  • Application security groups (ASG) are extension to NSGs.
  • ASG allows us to create additional rules and better control of network traffic.
  • ASG when created alone will not have any functionality, when they are combined with nsg’s, they let filter the network traffic.
  • Lets create an asg, a vm and then associate vm with asg Preview Preview Preview
  • Now lets create an NSG and write rules to allow traffic from asg Preview Preview

What is VPN (Virtual Private Network)


Multiple Networks

  • Communication between virtual networks in Azure:

    • Azure Vnet peering
    • Azure VNET to VNET VPN Preview
  • Communication Azure VNET and On-Premise Enterprise Network

    • Azure Site to Site VPN Preview

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