AWS Classroomnotes 16/Dec/2022


  • Create a free tier rds instance from aws cli create-db-instance
  • Show the endpoint describe-db-instance
  • Delete the rds instance delete-db-instance
# create the database
aws rds create-db-instance \
    --db-instance-identifier qt-mysql-instance \
    --db-instance-class db.t3.micro \
    --engine mysql \
    --master-username admin \
    --master-user-password secret99 \
    --allocated-storage 20
# wait till the database is created
endpoint=$(aws rds describe-db-instances \
    --db-instance-identifier qt-mysql-instance \
    --query "DBInstances[].Endpoint.Address" \
    --output text)

# delete the database
aws rds delete-db-instance \
    --db-instance-identifier qt-mysql-instance \
    --skip-final-snapshot \

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