Azure Classroom notes 29/Oct/2023

Azure Networking contd

Application Security Groups

  • Refer Here for official docs
  • As discussed in the session, ASG can filter network traffic according to asg attached to nic’s irrespective of which subnet they belong

Routing in Azure vnet

  • In every Azure VNet we have a router with system default routes defined Refer Here
  • In Azure Routing we have
    • System routes
    • user defined routing

Azure NAT Gateway


  • Create a vnet
  • create a vm one with public ip
  • Create a vm two without public ip
  • Tests for both vms and have results recorded
    • Nexthop test from Network watcher (Azure portal)
      • to the other vm using private ip
      • to the google
    • tracepath test (ssh into vm)
      • to the other vm using private ip
      • to the google
    • tracert test (optional)

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