DevOps Classroomnotes 25/May/2023

Ansible contd

How Operations Team work on multiple servers

  • Organizations will have lot of servers and lot of admins
  • Creating individual logins on each server for every admin is not a feasible solution.
  • An effective way is organization creates a service account for the admins to login and perform administration.
  • For the lab activities our service account’s name would be devops
  • Having username and password is not a sensible option then how to solve this problem

How to setup key pair based authentication in linux machines

  • Key pair is combination of two keys public and private using alortihms, we will be using RSA
  • Create a key pair ssh-keygen
  • Copy the public key to linux machine ssh-copy-id username@ipaddress
  • connect to the machine using private key ssh -i <path-to-private key> username@ipaddress
  • Generally private keys created will have extension of .pem
  • i.e we create a Service account public and private key. Copy the service account public key to all the servers. disable password based authentication

Setting up sudo permissions

  • We need to add devops user to the sudoers group (Wheel)
  • Execute sudo visudo


  • We need atleast two linux machines
    • one is Ansible control node
    • others is/are nodes
  • We will be creating a service account called as devops in all machines
  • We will be creating a key pair in Ansible control node
  • Copy the public key into the nodes
  • Optional: Disable password based authentication


  • Softwares
    • Git brew install git
    • Visual Studio Code brew install --cask visual-studio-code
    • AWS CLI/Azure CLI brew install awscli or brew install azure-cli
  • Package manager: Homebrew

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