AWS Classroom notes 15/Nov/2023

AWS Compute – EC2

EC2 lifecycle – states

  • States
  • On-demand ec2 instances will be charged only when they are in running state
  • Note: EBS volume pricing will continue as long as it exists

EC2 instances – Approach to create

  • overview
  • Lets create the following security groups
    • openssh
    • openicmp
    • openrdp
    • openhttp
  • Create an ec2 instance with only openicmp
  • when we tried to connect the ssh didn’t work but ping worked
  • Lets explore Networking section
  • Add openssh to security groups for ec2 i.e. attach security groups to elastic network interface
  • Lets go back to network section and record private and public ip
  • Now lets stop the instance and start the instance back and relook at networking

Create an ec2 instance with fixed public ip (Elastic Ip Address)

  • Create an elastic ip
  • Create an ec2 instance without public ip
  • After the ec2 instance is created
    • Associate elastic ip with network interface
  • Now as long as elastic ip is associated with the network interface the public ip is allocated to it irrespective of state.


  • Create an ec2 instance in az-a
  • create a network interface in az-a
  • dont create a public ip for this
  • attach network interface to ec2 instance and you should see two private ips
  • I want a bill for a non free tier ec2 instance with size t2.micro in mumbai region with 10 GB disk used for 300 hours in a month

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