Azure Classroom notes 16/Nov/2023

Azure Compute – Virtual Machines

Virtual Machine Sizes

  • VMs are categoriezed by purpose which is referred as type
  • Each virtual machine which we create will be from some physical server
  • Azure Vm size naming convention Refer Here
  • Note: We can create a Azure vm with one size or type and then resize to other size (type)

Resize Vm

  • Create a vm with size B1s
  • Changing the size of virtual machines is referred as vertical scaling.
  • Lets look at two terms

    • scale up and scale down (Vertical scaling)
    • scale in and scale out (Horizontal scaling)
  • Every Vmsize in Azure dictates the following

    • Family (Subfamily)
    • Additive
    • Number of cpus
    • RAM size
    • Data Disk count
    • Temp Disk size
    • Max IOPS (Disk speed max)
  • Price of virtual machine
    • price of vm size
    • price of disk
    • price of public ip
  • Refer Here for pricing calculator
  • Virtual machine selector Refer Here

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