Azure Classroom Series – 02/Sept/2020

Access Keys in Azure Storage Accounts

  • Access Keys are available in Storage Account Preview
  • These access keys are used to generate shared access signatures.
  • Azure provides two keys and connection string along with the keys that can be used to connect programmatically.

Changing Replication Mode of Storage Account

  • Changing Replication Mode can be easily done from portal Preview
  • Changing the Replication mode from Azure Powershell
$rgName = "LearningStorage"
$accountName = "qtstoragefromps"

$rg = New-AzResourceGroup -Name $rgName -Location 'centralus'
$storageAccount = New-AzStorageAccount -ResourceGroupName $rg.ResourceGroupName -Location $rg.Location -Name $accountName -SkuName Premium_LRS -Kind StorageV2 -AccessTier Hot

Set-AzStorageAccount -ResourceGroupName $rgName -Name $accountName -SkuName 'Standard_RAGRS'
  • For azure cli use az storage account update --sku <other required args>

Data Scenarios

  • Consider the following Scenario of an organization (learning thoughts) which has lot of different storages (disk, nas, file shares). How can this organization copy the data into azure so that they can take advantage of Azure Storage account with limited administration Preview

  • Before getting into all the possible options, lets start using Azure Storage Explorer. For this case we would be using

    • Portal
    • CLI/Powershell
    • Azure Storage Explorer
  • Install Storage Explorer from here

  • Try opening the storage account in explorer as shown below Preview

  • Copying the data between StorageAccounts and also from different sources in Azure using a tool called AzCopy

  • If your data is large enough, you have limited connectivity. What are the possible options to export the data from your on-premises and import the data in Azure.

    • Azure Import and Export Service:
      • This allows you ship data into Azure Storage Account by physically shipping disk into Azure Data Center
      • This is an expensive solution
    • Azure Data Box
      • Microsoft will ship a Device, into which you can copy the data and ship it back to Microsoft for uploading into Azure

Next Class

  • Download Azure Import/Export tool from Here
  • Download AzCopy from here

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