AWS Classroom Series – 02/Sept/2020

Create an S3 bucket

  • Versioning:
    • By default if the same object is uploaded, then s3 will try to overwrite the object.
    • We can enable versioning to avoid this.
    • Once the version is enable it can be suspended but not disabled.
    • lets enable versioning
    • Create an s3 bucket in the configure options tab select enable versioning Preview Preview
    • Enabling and suspending versions can be done even after bucket creation Preview
  • Cross Region Replication:
    • Contents of S3 bucket can be replicated from one region to other Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
    • Enable versioning from cli
    #source bucket details
    #target bucket details
    # create an s3 bucket
    aws s3 mb --region ${source_region} "s3://${s3_bucket_source_name}"
    # Lets enable versioining in source and target buckets
    aws s3api put-bucket-versioning --bucket ${s3_bucket_source_name} \
        --versioining-configuration Status=Enabled
    aws s3api put-bucket-versioning --bucket ${s3_bucket_target_name} \
        --versioining-configuration Status=Enabled

Athena and S3 Select

  • Athena allows you to query the data within s3 as if it is relational database.
  • Athena queries are standard sql queries Preview Preview Preview
  • S3 Select is similar to Athena, but ita allows you select fragments out of single object in s3 Refer Here


  • AWS S3 buckets gives us lifecycle option to move objects from one storage class to other storage class. Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • We can move the objects into glacier as well
  • To move the objects only b/w frequent and infrequent tiers we can use aws s3 storage class as Intelligent Tiering.

Next Steps

  • Topics
    1. Writing Policies
    2. Writing ACL’s
    3. Querying S3
  • Ensure you go through basic json tutorial.

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