AWS Classroom Series – 23/Aug/2020

Systems Manager

Run Command

  • Enable Quick setup on 1 windows & 1 linux instance Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Run any command from the list of systems manager documents. In the above case we have tried to install apache server without connecting from ssh & getting the work done by SSM agent Preview

Session Manager

  • This is fully managed AWS Systems Manager capability that lets you manage ec2 instances, on-premise through an interactive one-click browser shell or through aws CLI
  • Install necessary plugins for the AWS CLI Refer Here Preview Preview Preview

Patch Manager

  • This capability automates the process of patching managed instances with both security related and other types of updates.

State Manager:

  • This is a secure and scalable configuration management service that automates process of keeping your infra in the state which you define.
  • As part of state manager, you can use
    1. Powershell DSC
    2. Chef
    3. Ansible Playbooks


  • This capability lets you package your own software.
  • After you create a package in Distributor, which internally creates a System manager document, you can install package by
    • Run commmand
    • Schedule using state manager.


  • This capability lets you scan managed instances for patch compliance and configuration inconsistencies.

Maintenance Windows

  • This capability lets you define the schedule for when to perform actions your instances which might have downtime

AWS Systems Manager Document

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