GCP Classroom notes – 12 Feb 2021


  • A subnet is a logical segment of larger network & subnetting is a logical addressing technique that creates smaller subnets using existing IPV4 addreses Preview
  • Subnetting Preview
  • Scenario: An organization has created a network for private usage Refer Here the organizational network cidr range is
    • Now we are asked to create two subnets which can hold 500 devices
    subnet size should be ~= 500
    2^n ~=500
    n => 9 
    SM=> 11111111.11111111.11111110.00000000
    N/W Range =>
    subnet1 =>
  • Scenario 2: An Organization has a private network of range We need to create 3 lab networks and each lab has 2000 devices
hosts => 2000
2^n ~= 2000

172.16.00000xxx.xxxxxxxx =>
172.16.00001xxx.xxxxxxxx =>
172.16.00010xxx.xxxxxxxx =>
  • Scenario 3: In your home you are create 3 smaller networks your network range for home You need to create 3 subnets which can connect to 30 devices
number of devices = 30
2^n = 30
n =5 => => =>

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  1. Sir u r rock in in cloud and devops am ur previous batch student .u r teching high level also depthly no one can teach like u…

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