Azure Classroom notes 13/Feb/2021

Azure Storage Migration

  • There are two ways of migrating the data into Azure
    • Connected Migration
    • Offline Migration
  • To Support offline migration and to send large amounts of data (terrabytes) into Azure , a quick inexpenisive ways is to use Azure Data Box.
  • Azure Databox is a storage device that will be shipped by Azure to your organization, now your organization can copy the data into these Data Boxes and then ship to Azure Regions.
  • Azure will import the data from Data Boxes in Azure Storage Accounts
  • There are three kinds of Data Box Refer Here
    • Data Box
    • Data Box Disk
    • Data Box Heavy
  • Refer Here for official docs
  • If your organization is having storage managed by windows server SMB’s or linux using SAMBA, Azure provides Storage Migration Service
  • This migration is done using Azure VM Migration and while we migrate, we select the SMB volumes attached Refer Here
  • When you want to sync the storage from your on-premise to Azure, Azure provides an integrated storage solution which is Azure StorSimple
    • StorSimple Virtual Array
    • StorSimple 8000 Series
    • StorSimple Data Manager Preview

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Next Steps:

  • ARM Templates


  1. Understand Json and Yaml Refer Here
  2. Ensure all the softwares are installed Refer Here. If you are using windows Refer Here

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