Azure Classroom Series – 21/Mar/2020

Access to Storage Accounts

  • AAD Users by using IAM (RBAC)
  • Access to Anyone using
    • Access Keys
    • Shared Access Signature
  • For every blob stored in Storage account we have a URI. URI’s might not be public, but private URI can be shared with others
    • Access Keys (Careful) => Full Access
    • Shared Access Signature => Granular for a certain period of time

Static Website using Azure Storage Accounts

  • Refer Here

  • Experminent:

    • Create a storage account
    • Create a container in blob and some files
    • Create read only access shared access signature


  • Encryption at Transit => uploading/accessing the data => Enabled by default (https)
  • Encryption at Rest: => When the blobs are stored in Azure => Using AES algorithms in the Azure key Vault.
  • Refer Here for encrypting the data at rest
  • Experiment:
    • Create storage keys for encryption
    • To Create a Key vault Refer Here
    • Storage Account Encryption Refer Here

Queue Storage Implemenation from Code

Blob Storage Impementation from Code

Azure Site Recovery

  • Can be used to take backups and replications
  • For storage
    • Backup can be taken for Azure file share and Azure Disk Storage (indirectly) via VM Backup
    • Replication can happen only to Disk Storage (Indirectly via VM)
  • Azure has new proposed approach which is in preview Refer Here

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