Azure Classroom Series – 20/Mar/2020

Blob Storage

  • Blob Storage can be used for hosting static websites also.
  • Storage Billing: Charged for
    • Storing the Data
    • Accessing the Data


  • Create a Storage Account with General Purpose V2
    • Access Tier:
      • Cold => Storage Cost is less and Access cost is more
      • Hot => Storage Cost is more and Access cost is less
      • Archive => Only for Archiving the Data for Disaster Recovery Purpose. If you want get the data then you need to convert into Cold/Hot (ReHydrating)
  • Install a Storage Explorer from here
  • Create multiple Containers in the storage account as described below
-> music
    => *.mp3
-> videos
    => *.mp4
-> docs
    => *.pdf
  • Make a note on the different options available.

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