AWS Classroomnotes 18/Mar/2023

Compute – Workshop

  • Areas of Focus
    • Automation
    • Administration

Activity 1: Shutdown all instances which have tag Env=QA

  • Setup: Create 3 ec2 instances of free tier and provide tags
    • Machine 1: Env: QA
    • Machine 2: Env: Dev
    • Machine 3: Env: UAT
  • Refer Here for the cli with script
  • Improvement 1: This script was failing if there are no instances matching critiera, so we add a flag or condition Refer Here for changes.
  • Improvement 2: Make this script work for tag Env=Dev Refer Here for the imporvement where user can now call <tag-name> <tag-value>

Activity 2: Resize the EC2 instance from t2.micro to t2.nano based on tags


Activity 3: EC2 Systems Manager

  • Systems Manager can be used to control linux or window workloads in

    • AWS
    • Other Cloud Providers
    • On-premises
    • IOT
  • General Setup of Systems Manager Refer Here and Refer Here for setup on ec2 instances

Setting up Systems Manager

  • Refer Here for pre-requisites
  • Navigate to Systems Manager
  • Now Create an Instance Profile Refer Here
  • Refer Here to attach IAM role to existing ec2 instance
  • AWS Recommends using Configure Default Host Management
    • Navigate to systems Manager -> Fleet Manager ->
  • Now we can recover from key lost scenarios Refer Here

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