Azure Classroom Series – 13/Apr/2020

Azure CLI Local Development Setup

  • Installation Refer Here Preview
  • Now choose the os which you are using and install azure cli
  • Install Visual Studio Code from here
  • Create a folder for azure cli scripts
  • Install Visual studio extension Refer Here
  • Execute az login in the terminal.


  • Exercise-1: Time = 5 mins
    1. Create a resource group ‘learningcli’
    2. Create a VM with ubuntu 18.04 and B1s Size in the resource group ‘learning cli’ from azure portal
    3. Navigate to the resource group ‘learningcli’ and make a note of types of resources created. Preview
    4. Findings: Preview
  • Exercise-2:
    1. Create a new resource group ‘learningfromcli’
    2. Try to create a ubuntu vm from cli by following the document over here
    3. Try to look into documentation of every command used by you to create a vm
    4. delete the resource group(s) from cli

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