AWS Classroom Series – 13/Apr/2020

Configure AWS CLI

  • We need to login into AWS Console and then use it, for CLI/SDK AWS has a concept of secret key and access key.
  • We need to generate secret key and access and configure that in CLI. Create an IAM User as shown here


  • Get the List of all the ec2 instances in us-west-2
    • Command : aws ec2 describe-instances Preview
    • In the documentation page if you select output then the structure of the output will be shown Preview Preview
  • Get the List of all the AMIs and write some filters like get all windows images, ubuntu AMIs
aws ec2 describe-images --filters 'Name=platform,Values=windows'
aws ec2 describe-images --owners 'microsoft'
aws ec2 describe-images --filters 'Name=description,Values=Canonical, Ubuntu*'
  • Get the List of all Security groups
  • Create an ec2 instace with any AMI selected from above and security group from above with t2.micro as size

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