DevOps Classroom Series – 19/Dec/2021

Activity 2 AWS Infra Contd

  • Now we need to create a ec2 instance (virtual machine), So lets try to understand how to do it manually

  • Refer Here to understand create the ec2 instance

  • While creating ec2 instance, we provide following inputs

    • ami-id
    • network settings:
      • vpc-id
      • subnet-id
      • public ip => Enabled/Disabled
    • Tags
    • Security Group Preview
    • Key-Pair
  • Lets try to create a security group for web servers

    • Allow all traffic on SSH (TCP=>22), HTTP(TCP=>80), HTTPS(TCP=>443)
    • Refer Here for the documentation.
    • Refer Here for the changes to be done
    • After applying the changes view the security group in AWS Refer Here
  • Lets also use locals to represent the values which we are using in terraform configuration but we dont expect these values as user inputs Refer Here

  • Lets create a security group for database => Postgres (5432)

    • Lets open Postgres only to ec2 instance in our vpc
    • Refer Here for the changes done.
    • The result Preview

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