AWS Classroom Series – 12/Sept/2020

Amazon Aurora

  • It is fully managed db engine that is compatible with mysql and PostgreSQL.
  • Aurora provides up to 5 times better performance that MySQL and three times better performance than PostgreSQL.
  • Typical Multi Az Architecture Preview
  • Aurora Multi Az Architecture Preview

Other Databases in AWS

  • Other Preview

  • Elastic Cache: Gives two offerings

    • Elastic Cache for MemCached:
      • This MemCached as a Service
    • Elastic Cache forRedis:
      • This Redis as a Service
    • Comparing Memcached vs Redis Refer Here
  • AWS QLDB (Quantum Ledger database):

    • This is a fully managed ledger database that provides immutable and cryptographically verifiable transaction log.
    • This is implementation of Block chain’s ledger technology.
    • Amazon Exposes the PartiQLRefer Here and Amazon IonRefer Here (Query Languages)
  • AWS Neptune graph Databases:

    • This was created to process data that includes large number of interconnected recored
    • The objects in your graph are referred as vertices. (Vertex is similar to record in , Relation DB). The relationship with other vertices are known as edges.
    • Querying Graph db is supported using
      1. Apache Tinkerpop Gremlin
      2. SPARQL

NOSQL Offering

  • Amazon Dynamo DB:

    • This is managed key-value store that was one of the first NOSQL databases to be made available in the cloud.
  • Amazon Document DB:

    • This comes with Mongo DB compatibility
    • If your existing applications are using mongo db, Amazon Document DB is Mongodb as a service on AWS Cloud
  • Amazon Keyspaces:

    • Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra) is a scalable, HA & Managed Apache Cassandra compatible database software.

Data Warehouses using Amazon RedShift

  • Amazon Redshift is a fully managed peta byte scale data warehouse service
  • You need to create a Redshift Cluster.

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