Azure Classroom Series – 05/Jun/2021

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) in Azure

  • A CDN is a distributed network of servers that can efficiently deliver web content to the users.
  • CDN’s store cached content on the edge servers in the POP (Point of Presence locations) that are closer to end users which minimizes latency
  • Azure CDN offers a global solution of rapidly delivering high bandwidth content to users by caching the content at strategically placed physical nodes across the world
  • Refer Here for the Azure CDN POP Locations
  • Create a Storage Account with some content
  • Create a Azure CDN Profile Preview
  • If we use storage as a backend and choose the CDN Provider the content is cached globally and latency is minimized

Azure File Share

  • Azure Files can create file shares in the cloud. We can access the files using the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol.
  • Create a new Resource Group and create a storage account (Standard General Purpose)
  • Add a File Share Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Now create two VMs
    • Linux VM
    • Windows VM
  • Mount the network file share using the commands provided in the connect section

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