AWS Classroom Series – 05/Jun/2021

AWS Elastic File System

  • EFS provides simple, elastic file system for use with Cloud Services and on-premises solutions
  • EFS supports NFS version 4 protocol.
  • With EFS you pay only for the storage used by your file system
  • Create an EFS in a region with selected zones
  • EFS is a network file system, so while creating efs, We need to provide the subnet ids and security group Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Now create two ec2 instances and mount the efs on to the linux instances
  • Refer Here to understand mounting steps on linux or Mac instances
  • Installing efs-utils Refer Here


  1. Create an EFS in any region of your choice
    1. Choose VPC
    2. Create a Security group to open all communication with in your network range
    3. Create an EFS and use the Security Group created above
    4. Create Linux ec2 instance in the the vpc and mount the efs using efs-utils or nfs (Try to use DNS based mount)

Next Steps

  • Block Storage
  • Backup Solutions

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