AWS Classroom Series – 04/Jun/2021

AWS Snow Family

  • AWS Snowball Service uses physical storage devices to transfer large amounts of data between On premises and S3.
  • Transferring the data from on-premises to snowball devices and then AWS will collect the devices and transfer them physically to AWS Region and import into s3 bucket

AWS Snowball Edge

  • This is a physical device with on-board storage and compute power.
  • This device does local processing and transfers the data faster than internet.
  • This transport is done by shipping the data in the appliances through a regional carrier.

AWS Storage Gateway

  • This connects on-premises software appliance with Cloud-based storage.
    • S3 File Gateway
    • FSx File Gateway
    • Tape Gateway
    • Volume Gateway
  • To use these gateways we start by downloading a VM image for the file gateway and then activate the file gateway from console

Using S3 For Hosting Static WebSites

  • Static websites are websites with html, javascript and css
  • The multimedia content of the websites can be cached by creating a cloudfront distribution as discussed in the class.

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