Azure Classroom Series – 04/Jun/2021

Authorization to Azure Storage Accounts

  • In Azure We can authorize storage account data using

    • Azure Active Directory
    • Shared Key
    • Shared Access Signature
  • Create a Storage account (or use existing)

  • Create a folder locally with some content

  • Create a SAS token for the container

  • Now copy contents of your folder to container using azcopy method

azcopy <folder-path> <sas url> --recursive
  • If the data to be migrated to the azure storage account is within acceptable limits,
    • We use azure command line tool azcopy
  • Using AzCopy we can copy the data from s3 bucket or Google Storage bucket in Azure Storage accounts Refer Here to copy from s3 to azure storage account and Refer Here to copy from Google Storage bucket to Azure Storage Account

Azure Data Box

  • We can use Azure Data Box devices to offline data transfer from on-premise to Azure
  • Depending on the size of the Data to be transferred, we can choose between
    • Data Box Disk:
      • DataBox disk uses a USB 3.0 connection to move up to 35 TB of data in Azure in less than a week
    • Data Box:
      • This is ideal to transfer data sizes larger than 40 TBs, Each storage device has maximum usable capacity of 80 TB
      • Refer Here for the Data Box docs
      • Setup for Import Refer Here
      • Setup for export Refer Here
    • Data Box Heavy:
      • This is ideal for one time migration of storage with storage capacity of 1PB

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