AWS Classroom series – 01/May/2020

Create a RDS From AWS CLI

  • AWS Exposes API’s which are used by Console, SDK, CLI Preview Preview
  • Installing aws cli
  • Identity Information:
aws s3 ls
  • CLI helps in automating the repetitive tasks

Approach to AWS CLI

  • Ensure you are aware of manual steps
  • For every manual step try to find the command
    • google aws <service> cli in this aws rds cli Preview
  • Lets try to find the existing databases. Preview Preview Preview
aws describe-db-instances
  • Lets try to find database engine versions
aws rds describe-db-engine-versions
  • Lets try to create a mysql rds database with db.t2.micro as its size
aws rds create-db-instance --db-name qtcommerce --db-instance-identifier qtcommercemysql --allocated-storage 20 --db-instance-class db.t2.micro --engine mysql --master-username qtdevops --master-user-password admin123 --backup-retention-period 2 --no-multi-az --publicly-accessible

aws rds describe-db-instances

Exercises (From Cli)

  1. Create a read-replica from cli
  2. Create a Postgres rds database with size db.t2.micro
  3. Create a read replica for postgres db
  4. Delete all the databases and snapshots created



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