Azure Classroom series – 01/May/2020

Azure SQL Elastic Pools

  • SQL Elastic Pool is a cost effecitve simple solution for managing the multiple databases.
  • The SQL Databases in elastic pool will be on one Azure SQL Server and share resources at a fixed price.
  • For more info

Azure CLI

  • Azure CLI is a command line approach to use Azure, It enables automation.

  • Azure CLI is developed to be executed from any platform

    • Windows
    • Mac
    • Linux
  • Installing Azure CLI

  • After Installation:

    • Launch a Terminal (Powershell/Bash) and execute az --version
  • Approach for CLI:

    1. Know the steps using portal
    2. For each step find the command which can be used from azure cli
  • Steps for creating Azure SQL Database

    1. Create a Resource Group => Note down parameter
    2. Then Create an Azure SQL Server => Note down parameters
    3. Then Create an Azure SQL Database => Note down parameters
  • Now Navigate to here and Expand Reference Preview

  • Now find the command to create Resource Groups Preview Preview

az login
az group create --name sqlserverdemo --location 'centralus'
  • Now find the command to create SQL Server Preview Preview
az sql server create --location 'centralus' --resource-group 'sqlserverdemo' --name 'qtsqlserverdemo' --admin-user qtdevops --admin-password admin@123
  • Following sections are exercises
  • Now find the commmand to create SQL Database Preview
  • Update the Database with any possible parameter
  • Find the command for geo-replication
  • Now find the command to delete all you have created (hint: delete the whole resource group)

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