AWS Backup & Recovery Series – 14/Sep/19

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery


  1. Backup:
    • Purpose: Quick Recovery
    • Location: Closer to failure point
    • Frequency: Regular
    • Cost: Spend more on storage and speed
  2. Archive
    • Purpose: Disaster Recovery
    • Location: Safe place far awsy
    • Frequency: Ocassional (once in a week/month)
    • Cost: Spend less on storage


  1. Cloud: Preview

  2. Hybrid: Preview

Main Backup Sources

  1. Hard disk
  2. Databases/Application


  1. Create a backup of Ec2 machine. steps:
    • Create a ec2 machine
    • Backup of Hardisk (Volume) is called as Snapshot
    • From snapshot create a volume
    • Copy snapshot to other region
    • Dont forget to delete ec2 machine, snapshots and volumes (To avoid billing)

Snapshot Way of Working


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