Linux Shell Scripting – Introduction

Shell Scripting


  1. Linux shell translates the command entered by user and sends them to the kernel.
  2. Every shell has its own set of features. Some of the popular shells are
    • Sh shell
    • Bash shell
    • Zsh Shell
  3. In this series we will be using bash shell.

What is Shell/bash scripting

Basic idea of shell/bash(i would be using shell/bash as synonyms as we use bash shell) is to execute multiple commands. Lets execute mini bash script. In linux we can execute multiple commands by adding semi colon (;) as separator. Try the following command

pwd ; whoami

This command should return the output of pwd as well as whoami in two lines

Linux Command types


To identify what the commands type is, luckily linux provide a command type.

Lets play with this command. Login into your bash terminal and type the following commands and observe results

type -t ls
type -t pwd
type -t do
type -t quote

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