DevOps Classroom Series – 01/Apr/2021

Docker Networking

  • Refer Here for the Docker Networking Series 1
  • Images of the commands used in class Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • On the default bridge n/w we can establish communication b/w two containers using ip addresses but not by names Preview
  • Now lets create two more containers in our user-defined bridge etwork Preview Preview Preview
  • Now lets login into a1 container and check the connectivity with a2 Preview
  • We can connect the running containers to a different network Preview Preview
  • All the containers in the same network will have n/w communication but the containers in different n/ws will not have connectivity
  • In the case of windows for single host networking we have nat driver which is similar to bridge in linux and we have transparent driver which is similar to host driver in linux
  • Application and database containers on single host Preview
  • Now when we run our containers on a single host and if this host is down then our application also will be down. So we need a solution where we can run docker containers on different hosts and there should be n/w connectivity b/w them
  • The bridge/nat/host/transperent drivers can create a network which has a scope of single host (local)
  • So we need to understand multihost docker networking

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