Azure Classroom Series – 01/Apr/2021

Azure Route table and using it in Azure Firewall

  • Azure routes the subnet traffic by default which allows the communication to the internet from subnets and communication b/w subnets
  • Azure allows us to create the custom route tables in which we define the next hop for our traffic
  • Lets create a network Preview
  • Now lets create Azure firewall Preview Preview
  • After the firewall is created lets create a route table Preview Preview Preview
  • Lets associate route table to web, app and db subnets Preview Preview
  • Now lets create a route in the route which redirects all the traffic from the subnets web, app, db outbount to firewall Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Enable DNS Proxy Preview
  • Create an IP Group for specifying the ip ranges at one place Preview
  • Now lets enable the Diagnostic Settings in Azure firewall Preview Preview
  • Exercise: Create a vm in the web subnet with public ip and then login into vm and try to ping and
    • should be pinged and should be failed

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