DevOps Classroom Series – 06/Mar/2020

Configuration Management Architecture Models


  • We have two kinds of servers

    • CM Server (Configuration Managment): CM Software is installed
    • Nodes: These are the machines where we want to deploy applications
  • We have two kinds of Architectural models for CM

    • PUSH:
      • CM Server communicates with nodes whenever there is work to be done
      • Internal Behavior:
        • Server needs to login into node
        • Execute the script
        • Push requires server a valid user credentials
      • Examples:
        • Ansible
        • Salt
    • PULL
      • Node communicates with CM Server asking about the work to be done periodically.
      • Internal Behavior:
        • Node will communicate with server, For this to happen on nodes agents are installed.
      • Examples:
        • Chef
        • Puppet

Ansible’s Top level View


  • Ansible is a push based CM
  • Ansible requires no agents to be installed on nodes
  • Ansible requires a user credential to be connected to nodes
  • Ansible requirements
    • Ansible can be installed on any machine (*nix) and this is not necessarily a Server with huge configuration.
    • Ansible nodes require python to be installed.
    • If Ansible node is
      • Linux or Mac: SSH Credentials are required
      • Windows: Win-rm Credentials are required.

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