Azure Classroom Series – 06/Mar/2020

Azure Active Directory

  • Identity Platform for Azure
  • Can work with various identity Platforms, Windows Active Directory is one of them.
  • Identity as a Service

Windows Active Directory

  • Information about People and Devices
  • Domain Controllers store Informations across sites
  • Used as Authentication mechanism for
    • Applications
    • Device Logins
    • Access Cards
  • LDAP implementation by Microsoft is Active Directory

Authentication and Authorization

  • Authentication: Allowing users to gain access
    • Examples:
      • Purchase a metro ticket & you are authenticated into platforms
      • Creating an account in hacker rank
  • Authorization: What is the access given. (Allow/Deny ). In Azure it will be Action based Access (Allowed to create virtual machines, Denied to deleted virtual machines)

Azure Authorization Model

  • Azure Follows RBAC (Role Based Access Control)

  • Some of the Popular Roles

    • Global Administrator
    • Limited Administrator
    • Owner
    • Contributor
  • Workflow for getting Access Preview

Azure Account, Subscription, Tenant, Resource Groups and Resources


Exercise Create a user

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