AWS Classroom Series – 11/Nov/2019

Virtual Machines in AWS

  • Called as EC2 Preview

Dependencies for EC2 instances on other AWS Services

  • Network:
    • All aws ec2 instances belong to some subnet in VPC.
    • By default they get created in Default VPC
    • Security Group: just think of it as a firewall
  • Storage:
    • What is type of hard disk which you want to use
    • Types:
      • Instance Store
      • EBS

Other Things in EC2 to be considered

  • AMI (Amazon Machine Image):
    • Which OS has to be used to create EC2 instance
    • Three kinds of AMIs
      • AWS Managed:
        • Managed by AWS with basic OS images and some extra softwares
      • Market Place:
        • Images created by Third Parties.
        • Extra licensing costs can be imposed
      • Custom Images:
        • Images created by users.
        • Generally will have your applications preconfigured.
  • KeyPair:
    • AWS by default disables password authentication.
    • Keypair RSA based Private and Public keys
    • Can be created in AWS or Create them in your servers and import the public key to AWS.
  • Instance Type:
    • number of Cpus
    • Size of RAM
    • Network Speed
    • Kind of Hardware
    • Number of Instance Stores

Diagnostic Information about EC2 machines

  • System Log:
    • Instance Settings => Get System Log
  • Instane Screen Shot:
    • Instance Settings => Get Instance ScreenShot
  • How to Change Instance Type of the EC2 Instance:
    • Shutdown the EC2 instance
    • Instance Settings => Change Instance Type
    • Note: requires downtime.

Instance States

  • running
  • stopped
  • terminated => Deleted
  • Reboot

Attaching Roles

  • Roles can be attached and changed when ec2 machine is running.

Execute Some Script Once the EC2 machine is created

  • User-Data

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