Azure Classroom Series – 11/Nov/2019

What is Load balancer?

  • Distributes load across multiple machines
  • Considerations:
    • Load balancers should not forward requests to Un healthy Servers. For this the load balancers have Health Checks (Health Probes).
    • For Health Checks two popular checks are
      • TCP Ping: Check whether port is responding
      • HTTP Ping: Check whether web site is responding or not. Health checks are done using HTTP Status Codes

Load Balancers are of Two Types

  • We have two types of load balancers.
    • Layer 4 Load balancers:
      • Protocol: TCP or UDP
      • Ports
    • Layer 7 Load Balancers:
      • HTTP(S)
      • Ports
      • URI
  • These are based of OSI Networking Model. Refer Here

Non Cloud Load Balancers

  • F5
  • HA-Proxy
  • nginx as load balancer

Most Widely use Load Balancer Setup


How about the same setup in Azure

  • Layer 4 load balancer => Azure Load balancer
  • Layer 7 Load Balancer => Application Gateway
  • DNS => Azure DNS Preview

Azure Reference Architecture


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