Azure Classroomnotes 06/Sep/2023

Azure Managed Disk

  • Azure is responsible for attaching disk to vm’s, Partitioning, formats and customizations post vm creation is user’s responsibility
  • Backups of Disks are called as snapshots and can be automated or scheduled.

Managed Disk – Activities – 1

  • Create a Windows VM with os,data disk and stop the vm, increase the size of data disk.
  • Created a disk with 4 GB
  • Now resize to the greater size
  • Now try resize to smaller size and will not be allowed
  • Type of the disk will be allowed once the vm is deallocated.
  • Temp disk can be resized only by changing vm size

Exercise: Activity 2

  • Create a linux vm with a Data disk of any size
  • view all the disks on linux
  • moun the data disk to some folder in linux
  • resize the disk in Azure Portal to greater size.
  • Now try to deal with size increase
  • some linux commands to perform the above

    • lsblk
    • df -h
    • filesystems (xfs/ext4)
    • mount
    • mkfs
    • fstab
  • Can we resize OS disk during vm is in running state ?


  • Backup Options
    • Full Backup
    • Incremental Backup
  • Restore Options
    • restore backup
    • point in time restore

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