Azure Classroom Series – 24/Nov/2021

Azure SQL Databases Contd

  • Azure SQL Database

    • is not part of your vnet, you need to create a private endpoint to access azure sql database privately Preview
    • Doesnt have all the features of SQL Server Enterprise and it will be difficult for customers who are using unsupported features of Azure SQL to move to Azure SQL Database
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance:

    • This is fully compatible with on-prem SQL Server,
    • The Azure SQL Managed instance is par of the virtual network
    • Creation: Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Similarities between Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance

    • Managment: Both will have support for
      • automated patching and version updates
      • automated backups
      • high availability
    • Back up: Both supports automatic backup, Full backups are taken every 7 days, differntial backups 12 hours & log backup every 5-10 mins. Backup retention is 7 days defualt & max 35 days
    • Availability: 99.99-99.995% availability is guaranteed for every database
    • SQL MI: 99.99% availability is guranteed for every database
    • Host Accessibility: There is no direct control over underlying comput server.
    • License: Both have built-in license model with Pay as You go
  • Key Differences between Azure SQL Database and Azure Managed Instance

    • Recovery Model:
      • Azure SQL Database: From automated backup only
      • Azure SQL Managed Instance: From automated backups and full backups placed on Azure Blob Storage
    • Active Geo-replication:
      • Azure SQL Database: Supported. In all service tier apart from hyper scale
      • Azure SQL Managed Instance: Not Supported, Use Auto failover groups as an alternative solution
    • Auto Scale:
      • Azure SQL Database: Only supported in Serverless
      • Azure SQL Managed Instance: Not Supported
    • Automatic tuning:
      • Azure SQL Database: Supported
      • Azure SQL Managed Instance: Not Supported
    • Long Term Backup Retention:
      • Azure SQL Database: Supported, keep automatically taken backups for up to 10 years
      • Azure SQL Managed Instance: Use Manual backups as a work around
  • Lets understand pricing: Refer Here

    • Reservations: You can give a commitment to Azure that you would be using the database for the next 1 year or 3 years and then you will be getting huge discounts upto 59% Preview Preview Preview
  • Choose

    • Azure SQL Database if:
      • you are building a modern cloud applications that want to use the latest stable SQL features
      • You want to reduce the cost of database management & focus of application features
      • Your application is designed for unplanned & unbound database
    • Azure SQL Managed Instance if:
      • You want the database with VNET integration
      • You want nearly fully compatibility with SQL Server on-premises
      • Your application is relying heavily SQL Agents
      • You want to reduce the cost of database management & focus of application features

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