AWS Classroomnotes 17/Aug/2022

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

  • Free trail account: Refer Here
  • AWS Account is generally created by some email id and this login/user will be a root account and will have permission on complete account
  • Root account creates other logins for other users which are generally referred as IAM users, The permissions which this user should have is defined by a policy selected or created by root user.
  • Authentication and Authorization:
    • Authentication is where user credentials are verified and then you are let in.
    • Authorization is all about where user is allowed or denied access
  • AWS Account usage options:
  • AWS has a service for managing which is called as AWS IAM
    • users: Here we generate username and password
    • groups: this is for logical grouping.
    • roles: This is for giving access/authorizations for one AWS Service/Resource to access other AWS Services/Resources
    • policies: This defines authorization.


  • AWS has many built-in policies, but still to customize we need to learn how to create custom policies according to our needs.


  1. Create an AWS Free tier account Refer Here
  2. Watch 1-7 videos in next 3 days Refer Here

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