Azure Classroom Series – 06/Apr/2021

Azure VNet Service Endpoints

  • When we access some of the azure resources like (Azure Storage, Azure SQL Database, Azure Cosmos db etc) we connect from the vnet to these resources using public endpoint Preview
  • Azure VNet Service Endpoint enables private and direct connectivity to Azure Services over optimized routes using Azure Backbone network
  • These Service endpoints create a private ip address in the vnet to read the services Preview
  • Refer Here for the official docs
  • If we create a service endpoint then the network interface with the private ip of your subnet cidr range will be created Preview

Azure CLI/Powershell for creating Virtual Networks

  • Installing Azure CLI and Powershell Refer Here
  • In the cases of automation we prefer command line interfaces over Azure Portal
  • In Azure we have two ways of connecting from Command line
    • Azure CLI
    • Azure Powershell

Azure CLI

  • Azure CLI will have commands in the form of
az <service> [<subservice>] <action> --arg1 'value1' .. --arg2 'value2'

# Example
az group list

az sql create

az vm delete
  • For checking the azure CLI/Powershell we can use Cloud Shell Preview
  • To find out commands in azure its very simple navigate to Refer Here Preview Preview Preview

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