AWS Classroom series – 30/Apr/2020

Unanswered Questions

  1. Automated Backup & Snapshot:

    • Automated Backup enables poin-in-time recovery
    • Automated Backups => AWS RDS performs a full daily snapshot of your and captures transaction logs (this is updated whenever db changes)
    • Automated Backup is Enabled when Backup Retention Period is enabled
    • DBSnapshot => Full daily snapshot Preview
  2. Read Replica will not be enabled if Daily Backup Retention is zero days.

  3. While Creating a Read-Replica other Region also can be selected to make it a cross region replication. Preview

  4. After Read Replica is created it looks like Preview

  5. Read Replica will take only SQL Read queries and will be to able to allow write queries when it is promote and replication will be lost.

  6. Scenario of Read Replica Preview

  7. Why Amazon Promotes Aurora?


  1. Create a Multi AZ db.t2.micro mysql database which is accesible publically in Region A(us-west-2 oregon)
  2. Now try to create a read replica in other region Region B (us-east-1 N.Virginia)
  3. Represent the work done in a image.

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