DevOps Classroom Series – 18/Dec/2019 Jenkins Configuration

Configuring Jenkins

Add Sudo access to Jenkins with NO Password

  • Login and become root user and then execute the following commands
vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config
# password Authentication to Yes
service sshd restart
# add the below line

Using git with jenkins

  • ensure git is installed
sudo apt-get install git -y
  • Login as jenkins user and verify the git using
git --version
  • Note: This applies to any softwares in use from jenkins

Jenkins Projects

  • Two kinds of Popular Projects are available in Jenkins
    • FreeStyle:
      • Project to create schedules of any activities
      • Heavily relies on UI Components of Jenkins.
      • If UI Components are not found, they can be added using plugins
    • Pipeline

Create a free style project to clone the code from git (GitHub)

  • The project we will be cloning is spring pet clinic from here
  • Create a new Item and select the options as shown below Preview
  • To understand different sections of Jenkins Freestyle project, Refer below Preview
  • Now configure Source Code Management with Git url
  • In the build section => Execute Shell
  • Lets examine what has happened in Jenkins Home Directory
  • Whenever a project is created , In the Jobs folder of Jenkins HOme directory, a new folder with project name gets created. In this folder config.xml is project configuration, builds folder is available for symlinks of successful and pastbuilds Preview
  • Click on Build Now as shown below Preview
  • When your project/job is executed a folder gets created in Jenkins Home Directory in workspace folder

Continuous Integration

  • Purpose of CI is give feedback about the commit(s) from developer(s)

Continuous Delivery

  • Purpose of CD is give feedback about the days work done by the dev team
  • Importance is for System Test/Performance Testing

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